4 steps to take if you want to own a property before you turn 35

4 steps to take if you want to own a property before you turn 35

Age is not a barrier when investing in Real Estate. In fact we advice that you start planning well on time to buy your own property. The earlier the better. If you do not have a clear cut plan on how to invest then you may likely struggle to own a home

In recent times, with the high unemployment rate and low wages being earned by workers in the different parts of the world it has become almost impossible to own a property at a young age

In this article we have highlighted 4 steps you can take if you’re serious about investing in Real Estate before you turn 35

Step 1- Have a budget: you need to decide how much you would be willing to spend in purchasing a land or house. It is dependent on your finances, earnings, loan or savings.  

Step 2- You can Choose a fringe location or developing axis: If you are on a budget It may be better to choose an area that is still in its developmental phase. This would be cost effective.

Step 3: Negotiate and get a flexible payment plan: Sometimes it may not be easy for some to make an outright payment of the property. Request for a meeting with the property owner or you can use the services of an experienced Real Estate broker, negotiate price and get a payment plan of some years.

Step 4: Automate your payment: Go to your bank and ask them to automatically pay in a stipulated amount to the property owner. This saves you from the temptation of using the funds for something else. If you an employee, then use your salary account for this automation. 

Just like we have assisted several people, young and old, we would be glad to assist you own a property in any location in Nigeria 

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