3 Reasons why many fall for scams during Real Estate Transactions.

3 Reasons why many fall for scams during Real Estate Transactions.

The Real Estate Industry is a very profitable industry if done properly. If you take a pause and critically look at it you would realize that a house is usually the most expensive possession many people have. However, In recent years, criminals have exploited people with fake Properties that they do not own. Some even go to the extent of forging properties documents. The weak, unlettered and naïve clients have suffered it the most.

Till this day, may still fall for scams in Real Estate. A lot of people are swindled their hard earned money. Some have gone into depression and many who have health challenges have lost their lives as a result of this. How can this be reduced? What is the way forward?

Let us look at few underlying reasons why many are duped when they are about taking this big step in property investments.

  1. They go for the cheapest property available: Sometimes, if a property is too cheap then it’s suspicious. Real Estate does come cheap so when a property is too cheap compared to others in that axis then you need to be more careful. 
  2. Not carrying out due diligence: No matter how urgent you need a property it is important you do verifications to ascertain its legitimacy. With the coordinates of the land ensure you find out if the land is under government acquisition. Some property owners cunningly sell land they know the government has taken possession of.
  3. Not involving a Legal Practitioner or Experienced Real Estate Broker:  A Real Estate Broker or Realtor would be able to identify loopholes and distorted facts that doesn’t add up. Don’t try to carry out the whole transaction alone. Most Realtors even know the history of some properties and why they are being put up for sale. Listen and heed their advice. 

We understand how difficult it is to earn a living. Probably, you may have taken a loan to finance your real estate investment or have saved for a number of years. We don’t want you to fall for scams, many have gotten their hand burnt in the process of investing in Real Estate and we don’t want this to be your story. Do not be afraid, Our skilled and experienced professionals can guide you not minding your location

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